Smart Screenshot

Smart Screenshot has little more than one year in the Google Apps marketplace and already has more than 100 thousand downloads, the reason being a popular application lies in different features extra afforded as well as allowing you to take screenshot on Android. Using this application will be able to make cuts to capture carried out and even modify it to get a way to circulate quite striking.

To use Smart Screenshot on Android just download and install the application, bearing in mind that, although the application is free there are some features that require a payment prior to be activated; after which can perform a captures of screen using the combination of keys of on and lower the volume, or on and the button of home, immediately after will have to our available a window in it will be shown it captures of screen that just of do together with a menu with different configurations already is for select it part of it captures of screen that US interest or modify the same to our cravings with forms and colors that We have available; Finally we have the option to save the image in the device, send it to someone via Bluetooth or text message or well share it through social networks, it is also possible to delete the screenshot if the end result is not to our liking, in simple words, we have absolute control over the done screen shot.

As we can see, use Smart Screenshot on Android does not represent any difficulties and different extra features provided when making a screenshot are reason enough for now later become our application par excellence to take and edit screenshot in any device that has Android 4.0 or higher.


Simple Screenshot Capture

Simple Screenshot Capture is a popular application for Android that focuses on one of the functions that we all want, make screenshot on Android. This application counts with more than 100 thousand downloads to the date and is an of them more popular thanks to it simple that is use the.

Among the features that include application to take screenshots on Android Simple Screenshot Capture are the intuitive interface that has, how easy that is to edit a screenshot before that this is stored in the memory of the terminal and, above all, different configurations can be performed to make a screenshot up to 14 different combinations of keys and gestures that can be configured depending on the taste of each one to capture what is displayed on the screen at a given time are counted. You can be also noted that, unlike other applications that have the same function, Simple Screenshot Capture captures only a part of the screen making that personal information that is not desired to share stays safe at all times.

For Simple Screenshot Capture application you must download from the official store of applications on Android, Google Play, works on any device that has the 4.0 version of Android as an operating system or any higher and don’t need to be root to use.

As we can see, between applications to capture screen in Android, Simple Screenshot Capture is one of which they highlighted thanks to how easy that is to set it up and use it. Perhaps one of the few disadvantages that have this application is advertising that displays on certain occasions, but it is something that does not represent any upsets in comparison to the advantages offered by the use of this app.


Screenshot Pro on Android

Among the many applications that allow make a screenshot on Android is Screenshot Pro, an interesting application that works on any Android device that works with version 2.3.3 or higher of the mobile operating system.

Screenshot Pro are two possibilities, the first is the classic screenshot through the combination of power buttons and lower volume of Android devices that have to be pressed for 2 seconds to take the snapshot of the screen, and the second is own phones that you have root access , this is simpler since you simply press the icon that is displayed on the screen to make the capture of whatever is displayed.

After make a screenshot in Android with Screenshot Pro have the possibility of trim the captures of screen made, store the image in the memory of the terminal or share it through different media social that come configured in the application. Is has also with a gallery of catches of screen ordered chronologically to which is has access to is much more simple the share any image, but, certainly, it attractive of use this application lies in them configurations that is can perform since us allows choose the format in which the image will be saved, the quality of the same and it location within it memory internal or external, in which are stored all the screen captures, something uncommon for applications to make a screenshot on Android.

There is no doubt that Screenshot Pro is displayed as an application to make screenshots easily and with the settings needed to have total domino in the way in which the screenshot are handled.


How to use Quick Memo?

Quick Memo is an application that runs on Android, but is focused on smart phones of the LG brand, in fact, already comes pre-installed on almost all models mentioned brand that support its functionality. Said in words simple, Quick Memo is an application that allows make annotations in captures of screen and can save them images or share them through the Internet.

In this way, not interested in the place in which we find ourselves, or what is displayed on the device since using Quick Memo to make a screenshot on Android will be as simple as touching the screen of the phone and make annotations that you create relevant. This application for LG provides tasks that often can be achieved only with the use of various applications such as for example the capture a map which is to trace a path either mark certain important phrases on a web page.

To use Quick Memo , it is necessary to press the volume of the device at the same time or with the option located in the menu of notifications from the terminal. Then, you can do annotations on the capture being able to choose between different types of pen and colours, to the ends will have the option to save the screenshot in memory either share it through social networks.

Remember that to use Quick Memo must enable the respective option from the configuration menu of the device. The consumption of resources of this functionality for LG is minimal, so we should not worry about the battery that uses neither of the available RAM and if our LG terminal is not modern enough have several applications to take screenshot in the Google Apps marketplace.


How to use Apowersoft Screenshot on Android?

If you are looking for an application to make a screenshot on Android then Apowersoft Screenshot is one of the alternatives that we can not rule out due to the large amount of extra features that offers free of charge.

Unlike other applications of similar performance, this Android app has its own web browser that provides recommendations to make a screenshot on Android and allows the search for similar images using Google technology, in addition you can make screenshots of various complete web pages or a specific section of the same. And if that were not enough, also has basic editing tools that can be accessed immediately after you make a screenshot with Apowersoft Screenshot and that make it possible to crop the images, annotate on them and use symbols such as lines or arrows at our convenience.


Use Apowersoft Screenshot also favors the screenshot sharing via social networks or upload the image to a manager of free cloud storage provided by the developer of the application.

To take a screen shot using Apowersoft Screenshot it is necessary that the terminal has version 5.0 of Android or any higher. Such which to it most of devices Android is necessary press the combination of keys “on” and “down volume” or “on” e “home” of form simultaneous by some moments for get do a capture of screen, after which can edit the image performed.

Not there is doubt that Apowersoft Screenshot is the application ideal for those people that seek an option free to capture the screen in Android and to edit them images of form instant, just before these are shared through them different media that is have to available.


How to make a screenshot in Xiaomi?

Usually from China Mobile phones do not have great reception among technology fans around the world, however, Xiaomi is the great exception to the rule since soon he learned to win the affection of their users thanks to benefits having at an extremely low price. The terminals of the brand Xiaomi work under the system operating Android by what many functions that share those devices with this system operating are present in Xiaomi; one of these functions is to make a screenshot in Xiaomi, something that can be achieved in seconds and without the need to install any third party application.

The classical way to capture the screen in Android is present in Xiaomi by which simply press the power buttons at the same time and volume down to get it. Made catches are stored in image format in the “Screenshots” folder in the internal memory and can be displayed through the Gallery of the phone.

It is also possible to make a screenshot in Xiaomi layer of MIUI customization that includes several new features. In this way, capture the screen shall be given to locate the “Screenshot” button in the notification bar and press once to take a picture to the screen of the terminal. It is important to mention that this functionality is not available on all phones brand Xiaomi, not something that happens with the capture through a combination of keys that can be used without any problem. If none of the methods to make a screenshot in Xiaomi you can use default they are our complete satisfaction or is it difficult to use, is always present the possibility of installing an application that facilitates the screenshot on a device Xiaomi.


How to make a screenshot on Samsung?

Samsung is one of the most important brands in terms of technology and specifically in mobile phones is one of the favorite thanks to the attractive features that have most models that are on the market. Innovation is a characteristic cream Samsung phones by what it is not unusual that requires something of time learn the new features of these devices. Make a screenshot in Samsung is an of them so many features with which has these models of phones smart, happily the form in which is used this provision not varies much between a device and another of the brand Samsung.

The steps to make a screenshot on Samsung are simple to follow and basically summarized in perform a combination of buttons that will allow us to capture what is displayed on screen at any time. It is sufficient to press the power and Home button at the same time to achieve capture what the screen displays at a given time; to confirm which truly capture has been performed you should hear the characteristic sound of the camera shutter, after which the screenshot on Samsung can be seen from the Gallery of the device.

Another way of making a screenshot on Samsung is through the use of gestures, functionality that is only available on some models of the brand. First, you must check the use of gestures from section “Movements and gestures” from the settings menu, to capture the screen in Samsung using this function should be replaced a press of the button combination by sliding from right to left in a hand, something that saves enough time to make a screenshot.


How to make a screenshot in LG?

The different models of phones share having an application that helps to capture the screen of LG mobile LG brand, which comes installed by default in LG devices, is QuickMemo +app that includes a variety of features over clicking buttons to make a screenshot in LG, which by the way is also possible.

Accordingly, there are two options we have to capture the screen in a device LG mobile phone, both which are pre-installed at the factory or are functions that the mobile phone comes with by default.

The first alternative, which is to make a screenshot in LG consists of the classical press of the buttons “on” and “decrease volume” so that the screen is captured and stored in the internal memory of the phone, something nothing out of the ordinary right? What is a LG great improvements regarding the screenshot of this brand and stored image editing devices, is the support provided by QuickMemo +, official app for LG, to carry out this functionality. With QuickMemo + not only is has the possibility of capture some screenshot in a device of the brand LG, but allows make annotations on the captures or censor some information that not wish share. There are many reasons to make a screenshot in LG and beauty of these devices is that they have an application whose main function is the capture and modification of the images taken so they have the look that is desired.

If you have a mobile device of the LG brand can not forget two ways to make a screenshot in LG without the use of third-party applications that may require too much space or install some viruses that can damage your mobile phone.


How to make a screenshot in iPhone?

We cannot deny that iPhone is one of the models of mobile devices of greater popularity around the world thanks to characteristics that possess, which differ greatly from exceptional. IPhone mobile phones belong to the Apple brand to be manufacturer of your devices in its entirety, from the Premium design to hardware and software on which works. Between so many features of the mara highlights the possibility of power make a screenshot in iPhone of almost any thing that are displayed in the device, screenshot that then is can store in the device or share through them media social.

To many to make a screenshot on iPhone , it’s pretty straightforward, but we don’t all know what is the correct procedure to do so; It is for this reason that the following lines show the steps to follow to make a screenshot on iPhone or on any device of the Apple family.

Not many are the steps to follow to get a screenshot; that Yes, before you do so it is necessary to know the location of the physical buttons on the device.

He first step is focused in locate the button of activation of the iPhone that normally is located in a side or in the part superior of the phone mobile, maintain pressed the button of activation and of form immediate have that press the button of home, located in it part lower central, when the button of home is released it captures of screen will be stored automatically in the memory of the iPhone.


To see the screenshot on iPhone just locate the photos application and within the albums locate “Photographic roll”.

As we see, is not difficult to make a screenshot on iPhone using native functions of the device, something that we can take out of a trouble when we want to share what we see in our Apple device.


How to make a screenshot on Huawei?

Huawei is a technology that is becoming a large space in this competitive market focused specifically on Smartphones; This concept is not anything unusual typical features to make a screenshot in Huawei, as different models that users are offered on the market requesting something that certainly can be one of these mobile phones.

In a similar way to as it happens in the majority of devices that work with Android, it is possible to make a screenshot in Huawei without the need of installing any annoying application since the only thing needed to get a screenshot in any phone Huawei is to perform a combination of keys:

At the same time by pressing the keys of power and reduce the volume of the phone for a few seconds until the screenshot is taken.

The screenshot in Huawei will be stored in the internal memory of the phone and you can see through the “Gallery” application that comes pre-installed on all models of the brand, specifically in the “Screenshots” folder.

Some of the latest mobile phones launched by Huawei is has the option to make a screenshot in Huawei with a double-tap of knuckles on the screen of the device, something quite original that will certainly be an attractive feature that simplifies even further to capture anything that is displayed on our mobile device into an image.

As see, do a screenshot in Huawei is a procedure relatively simple that not requires of any indication special already is with the use of them gestures to do a screenshot or through the already classical combination of keys of action to which it most of devices that work low the system operating Android us have accustomed.