How to use Apowersoft Screenshot on Android?

If you are looking for an application to make a screenshot on Android then Apowersoft Screenshot is one of the alternatives that we can not rule out due to the large amount of extra features that offers free of charge.

Unlike other applications of similar performance, this Android app has its own web browser that provides recommendations to make a screenshot on Android and allows the search for similar images using Google technology, in addition you can make screenshots of various complete web pages or a specific section of the same. And if that were not enough, also has basic editing tools that can be accessed immediately after you make a screenshot with Apowersoft Screenshot and that make it possible to crop the images, annotate on them and use symbols such as lines or arrows at our convenience.


Use Apowersoft Screenshot also favors the screenshot sharing via social networks or upload the image to a manager of free cloud storage provided by the developer of the application.

To take a screen shot using Apowersoft Screenshot it is necessary that the terminal has version 5.0 of Android or any higher. Such which to it most of devices Android is necessary press the combination of keys “on” and “down volume” or “on” e “home” of form simultaneous by some moments for get do a capture of screen, after which can edit the image performed.

Not there is doubt that Apowersoft Screenshot is the application ideal for those people that seek an option free to capture the screen in Android and to edit them images of form instant, just before these are shared through them different media that is have to available.

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