How to make screenshot android devices phones and tablets

It is a pain for you head take a screenshot of your android device the?, someetime you want to share a screenshot of android with your friend and you can not do it.

This article will teach you how to take a screenshot, of all known models of smart phones.

You remember that the capture of screen android varies in many devices, depending on the model brand or simply of the systems operating.

How to perform screenshot android?

The most of terminals android phones mobile and tablets, have the option of captures of screen through the use of the keys “volume (-) and the key of lock”.

Samsung has a different form of screenshot, which consists in pressing the “Home” key and the “Volume -“ key this screenshot, it is saved in the phone memory in the “gallery” folder.

screenshot android keys

Some manufacturers of phones and tablets have changed this option, in case of LG, not is can do captures of screen with the keys before mentioned, LG brings an application calledQuikMemo +” in another post will detail the use of this.

Systems operating android as Lollipop bring applications native installed for them captures of screen android, that facilitates both in avoid press keys, also in the ease of edit such captures of screen add them effects, texts, images even share them in our networks social favorite.

In some systems Android, the screenshot android is much more simple, is beautiful the key “lock / off” and shows a menu:


          Mode aircraft

          Take screenshot


As shown in the following image, the screenshot is saved in “Gallery”.

It captures in a portable or pc is extremely easy, both as Windows or MAC have a key special for it captures of the screen, in Windows capture the screen is makes with the key “PrntScr”, which keeps in memory the instant that is press, with the possibility of paste it in some document or editor of images.

For screenshot on MAC, that has a combination of 3 keys which are “command ()-mayusculas-3″. It system operating of Apple us das many benefits at the time of make captures of screen, e.g. If want to take captures of screen to a part in specific do the combination of keys: command “(comand⌘)-shift-4” this us will allow select an area specific at the time of make a captures of screen.

Windows is not far behind in a matter of application making screenshot, has a program by default in the operating system called “Cuts”. Simply go to “New” and select the part desired.

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