How to make a screenshot in iPhone?

We cannot deny that iPhone is one of the models of mobile devices of greater popularity around the world thanks to characteristics that possess, which differ greatly from exceptional. IPhone mobile phones belong to the Apple brand to be manufacturer of your devices in its entirety, from the Premium design to hardware and software on which works. Between so many features of the mara highlights the possibility of power make a screenshot in iPhone of almost any thing that are displayed in the device, screenshot that then is can store in the device or share through them media social.

To many to make a screenshot on iPhone , it’s pretty straightforward, but we don’t all know what is the correct procedure to do so; It is for this reason that the following lines show the steps to follow to make a screenshot on iPhone or on any device of the Apple family.

Not many are the steps to follow to get a screenshot; that Yes, before you do so it is necessary to know the location of the physical buttons on the device.

He first step is focused in locate the button of activation of the iPhone that normally is located in a side or in the part superior of the phone mobile, maintain pressed the button of activation and of form immediate have that press the button of home, located in it part lower central, when the button of home is released it captures of screen will be stored automatically in the memory of the iPhone.


To see the screenshot on iPhone just locate the photos application and within the albums locate “Photographic roll”.

As we see, is not difficult to make a screenshot on iPhone using native functions of the device, something that we can take out of a trouble when we want to share what we see in our Apple device.

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