How to make a screenshot in LG?

The different models of phones share having an application that helps to capture the screen of LG mobile LG brand, which comes installed by default in LG devices, is QuickMemo +app that includes a variety of features over clicking buttons to make a screenshot in LG, which by the way is also possible.

Accordingly, there are two options we have to capture the screen in a device LG mobile phone, both which are pre-installed at the factory or are functions that the mobile phone comes with by default.

The first alternative, which is to make a screenshot in LG consists of the classical press of the buttons “on” and “decrease volume” so that the screen is captured and stored in the internal memory of the phone, something nothing out of the ordinary right? What is a LG great improvements regarding the screenshot of this brand and stored image editing devices, is the support provided by QuickMemo +, official app for LG, to carry out this functionality. With QuickMemo + not only is has the possibility of capture some screenshot in a device of the brand LG, but allows make annotations on the captures or censor some information that not wish share. There are many reasons to make a screenshot in LG and beauty of these devices is that they have an application whose main function is the capture and modification of the images taken so they have the look that is desired.

If you have a mobile device of the LG brand can not forget two ways to make a screenshot in LG without the use of third-party applications that may require too much space or install some viruses that can damage your mobile phone.

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