How to make a screenshot on Huawei?

Huawei is a technology that is becoming a large space in this competitive market focused specifically on Smartphones; This concept is not anything unusual typical features to make a screenshot in Huawei, as different models that users are offered on the market requesting something that certainly can be one of these mobile phones.

In a similar way to as it happens in the majority of devices that work with Android, it is possible to make a screenshot in Huawei without the need of installing any annoying application since the only thing needed to get a screenshot in any phone Huawei is to perform a combination of keys:

At the same time by pressing the keys of power and reduce the volume of the phone for a few seconds until the screenshot is taken.

The screenshot in Huawei will be stored in the internal memory of the phone and you can see through the “Gallery” application that comes pre-installed on all models of the brand, specifically in the “Screenshots” folder.

Some of the latest mobile phones launched by Huawei is has the option to make a screenshot in Huawei with a double-tap of knuckles on the screen of the device, something quite original that will certainly be an attractive feature that simplifies even further to capture anything that is displayed on our mobile device into an image.

As see, do a screenshot in Huawei is a procedure relatively simple that not requires of any indication special already is with the use of them gestures to do a screenshot or through the already classical combination of keys of action to which it most of devices that work low the system operating Android us have accustomed.

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