How to make a screenshot in Xiaomi?

Usually from China Mobile phones do not have great reception among technology fans around the world, however, Xiaomi is the great exception to the rule since soon he learned to win the affection of their users thanks to benefits having at an extremely low price. The terminals of the brand Xiaomi work under the system operating Android by what many functions that share those devices with this system operating are present in Xiaomi; one of these functions is to make a screenshot in Xiaomi, something that can be achieved in seconds and without the need to install any third party application.

The classical way to capture the screen in Android is present in Xiaomi by which simply press the power buttons at the same time and volume down to get it. Made catches are stored in image format in the “Screenshots” folder in the internal memory and can be displayed through the Gallery of the phone.

It is also possible to make a screenshot in Xiaomi layer of MIUI customization that includes several new features. In this way, capture the screen shall be given to locate the “Screenshot” button in the notification bar and press once to take a picture to the screen of the terminal. It is important to mention that this functionality is not available on all phones brand Xiaomi, not something that happens with the capture through a combination of keys that can be used without any problem. If none of the methods to make a screenshot in Xiaomi you can use default they are our complete satisfaction or is it difficult to use, is always present the possibility of installing an application that facilitates the screenshot on a device Xiaomi.

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