Screenshot Pro on Android

Among the many applications that allow make a screenshot on Android is Screenshot Pro, an interesting application that works on any Android device that works with version 2.3.3 or higher of the mobile operating system.

Screenshot Pro are two possibilities, the first is the classic screenshot through the combination of power buttons and lower volume of Android devices that have to be pressed for 2 seconds to take the snapshot of the screen, and the second is own phones that you have root access , this is simpler since you simply press the icon that is displayed on the screen to make the capture of whatever is displayed.

After make a screenshot in Android with Screenshot Pro have the possibility of trim the captures of screen made, store the image in the memory of the terminal or share it through different media social that come configured in the application. Is has also with a gallery of catches of screen ordered chronologically to which is has access to is much more simple the share any image, but, certainly, it attractive of use this application lies in them configurations that is can perform since us allows choose the format in which the image will be saved, the quality of the same and it location within it memory internal or external, in which are stored all the screen captures, something uncommon for applications to make a screenshot on Android.

There is no doubt that Screenshot Pro is displayed as an application to make screenshots easily and with the settings needed to have total domino in the way in which the screenshot are handled.

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