How to make a screenshot on Samsung?

Samsung is one of the most important brands in terms of technology and specifically in mobile phones is one of the favorite thanks to the attractive features that have most models that are on the market. Innovation is a characteristic cream Samsung phones by what it is not unusual that requires something of time learn the new features of these devices. Make a screenshot in Samsung is an of them so many features with which has these models of phones smart, happily the form in which is used this provision not varies much between a device and another of the brand Samsung.

The steps to make a screenshot on Samsung are simple to follow and basically summarized in perform a combination of buttons that will allow us to capture what is displayed on screen at any time. It is sufficient to press the power and Home button at the same time to achieve capture what the screen displays at a given time; to confirm which truly capture has been performed you should hear the characteristic sound of the camera shutter, after which the screenshot on Samsung can be seen from the Gallery of the device.

Another way of making a screenshot on Samsung is through the use of gestures, functionality that is only available on some models of the brand. First, you must check the use of gestures from section “Movements and gestures” from the settings menu, to capture the screen in Samsung using this function should be replaced a press of the button combination by sliding from right to left in a hand, something that saves enough time to make a screenshot.

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