Simple Screenshot Capture

Simple Screenshot Capture is a popular application for Android that focuses on one of the functions that we all want, make screenshot on Android. This application counts with more than 100 thousand downloads to the date and is an of them more popular thanks to it simple that is use the.

Among the features that include application to take screenshots on Android Simple Screenshot Capture are the intuitive interface that has, how easy that is to edit a screenshot before that this is stored in the memory of the terminal and, above all, different configurations can be performed to make a screenshot up to 14 different combinations of keys and gestures that can be configured depending on the taste of each one to capture what is displayed on the screen at a given time are counted. You can be also noted that, unlike other applications that have the same function, Simple Screenshot Capture captures only a part of the screen making that personal information that is not desired to share stays safe at all times.

For Simple Screenshot Capture application you must download from the official store of applications on Android, Google Play, works on any device that has the 4.0 version of Android as an operating system or any higher and don’t need to be root to use.

As we can see, between applications to capture screen in Android, Simple Screenshot Capture is one of which they highlighted thanks to how easy that is to set it up and use it. Perhaps one of the few disadvantages that have this application is advertising that displays on certain occasions, but it is something that does not represent any upsets in comparison to the advantages offered by the use of this app.

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