Smart Screenshot

Smart Screenshot has little more than one year in the Google Apps marketplace and already has more than 100 thousand downloads, the reason being a popular application lies in different features extra afforded as well as allowing you to take screenshot on Android. Using this application will be able to make cuts to capture carried out and even modify it to get a way to circulate quite striking.

To use Smart Screenshot on Android just download and install the application, bearing in mind that, although the application is free there are some features that require a payment prior to be activated; after which can perform a captures of screen using the combination of keys of on and lower the volume, or on and the button of home, immediately after will have to our available a window in it will be shown it captures of screen that just of do together with a menu with different configurations already is for select it part of it captures of screen that US interest or modify the same to our cravings with forms and colors that We have available; Finally we have the option to save the image in the device, send it to someone via Bluetooth or text message or well share it through social networks, it is also possible to delete the screenshot if the end result is not to our liking, in simple words, we have absolute control over the done screen shot.

As we can see, use Smart Screenshot on Android does not represent any difficulties and different extra features provided when making a screenshot are reason enough for now later become our application par excellence to take and edit screenshot in any device that has Android 4.0 or higher.

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