How to use Quick Memo?

Quick Memo is an application that runs on Android, but is focused on smart phones of the LG brand, in fact, already comes pre-installed on almost all models mentioned brand that support its functionality. Said in words simple, Quick Memo is an application that allows make annotations in captures of screen and can save them images or share them through the Internet.

In this way, not interested in the place in which we find ourselves, or what is displayed on the device since using Quick Memo to make a screenshot on Android will be as simple as touching the screen of the phone and make annotations that you create relevant. This application for LG provides tasks that often can be achieved only with the use of various applications such as for example the capture a map which is to trace a path either mark certain important phrases on a web page.

To use Quick Memo , it is necessary to press the volume of the device at the same time or with the option located in the menu of notifications from the terminal. Then, you can do annotations on the capture being able to choose between different types of pen and colours, to the ends will have the option to save the screenshot in memory either share it through social networks.

Remember that to use Quick Memo must enable the respective option from the configuration menu of the device. The consumption of resources of this functionality for LG is minimal, so we should not worry about the battery that uses neither of the available RAM and if our LG terminal is not modern enough have several applications to take screenshot in the Google Apps marketplace.

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